We believe that everything can be done or made better, and we love doing something about that!

Red Spectre Lures was started for two reasons:

  1. To help you catch more fish by providing you with quality lures that get you awesome results, and
  2. To proactively support some of the great conversation organisations around the world who are working hard to rebuild our fisheries and make sure game fishing is a sport here to stay. We love game fishing and want to make sure the fish stocks increase and there are always fish there for us to catch.

New Owners for Red Spectre Lures

In August 2018 we purchased Red Spectre Lures from James and we look forward to continuing to produce Game fishing lures that catch fish.

We decided to purchase Red Spectre Lures because of their ethos, They wanted to produce lures that help anglers catch fish and they support fish conservation. We will continue to produce the same quality lure and work with anglers around the country to improve them where we can. We also will continue to donate $5 per lure to either Legasea or IGFA.

While reasonably new to game fishing and lure manufacturing, I have fished throughout New Zealand for decades both in fresh and Salt water and from land and boat and have a passion for all lure fishing.

I have always been an advocate for Tag and Release and only taking what you need. Another plus for us was that Red Spectre Lures also supported this and had demonstrated it by sponsoring Tag N Release competitions in the past and we will continue to do so.

It is our aim to keep developing and trialing new lure shapes and sizes to assist anglers being successful fisherman and to build on what James had built up. 

Red Spectre Lures History

James our original Director "cut his teeth" towing lures for albacore and yellow-fin tuna out of Hawkes Bay in New Zealand. This area used to be abundant with game fish during the season and other fishing was brilliant all year round. James doesn’t live in Hawkes Bay anymore, and unfortunately the fishing off Hawkes Bay isn’t what it used to be, with some fishing days being a fishless day. This is one of the drivers that has contributed to us setting up Red Spectre Lures, so that together with you, we can help fund the conservation organisations that are working to rebuild our fisheries around the world and conserve this awesome resource we have. This is why for every lure you buy, we contribute funding directly to one of two selected fish conservation organisations around the world. 

Whether trolling lures in New Zealand or shooting around the Pacific Islands to test our lure designs, game fishing is our passion, and we pour every bit of this passion into developing and crafting our products for you. 

When you buy a Red Spectre Lure, you're not just buying a lure; you’re benefitting from the mountain of hours that have gone into research, prototype development and testing.  It’s nothing for our team to spend upwards of 60 hours on a lure design before the first prototype is even put in the water.

Red Spectre Lures is proud to provide you with quality gear that you will produce you outstanding catches, while also supporting the future of our fisheries.